Itinerary Consult

Send a message to us after booking.
We’ve got plenty to advice!

Free Shuttle

Taitung train station/ Taitung airport/ Taitung city downtown
Free for 2 trips (=back & forth)
For extra trips, NTD$100/ 10 mins distance.


Private Parking

Some in the door front, and others in private parking lot
Arranged by check-in sequence


All in English

No problem. No worries!

Booking Service

  • Shuttle: Taitung City, train station, airport, NTD$100/ extra trip
    (free for 2 trips)
    Shuttle to Fu-Gang port(head to Green Island or Orchid Island), NTD$200/ trip
  • Car rental, chartered taxi recommend
  • Book City Bike Tour, Electronic Bike Tour
  • Buy Chi-Ben hot spring tickets
  • Book ferry tickets for Green Island/ Orchid Island
  • Book discover scuba diving, or scuba diving license course in Green Island

Things We Don’t Have

No Elevator

Too expensive to buy that house

No bathtub

No room for a tub

No Sterilizer

You can get boiled hot water from water machine anytime

No Bumper

Please go to Room Choice
Choose a room for safety

It’s not a private rental

We don’t provide whole house rental because we actually live right here.
The kitchen can be lent under supervise.
Book early and we can try to arrange all your members in the same building.
Yet the price depends on the rooms and members. Book more rooms and we can discuss about discount. Please contact us directly.

No Sea view

We’re not at the end of the ocean in the city.
You don’t see ocean here, but we have a very nice path that transferred from old railway.
And I arrive the beach just by 10 mins drive, because the city is really small.

No Garden to BBQ

We’re right on the side of  Provincial Road, you don’t want to get dusty on your BBQ.