Into the Woods

Every room contains the designer’s craft and our family’s care for our guests.
All the rooms are named after books or lyrics, according to the design.

How to Choose a Proper Room

A Very Long Advice, choose what suits you.

2 Adults / 1 Adult, 1 child

2 Adults:
Friends⇒ Tatami twin is the best choice. Can do both split or combine into a queen size bed.
Couple⇒ If you’re more of a romantic style person, choose Double Bed Room. If you like to be simple, choose Tatami Twin Room to enjoy the fragrance of tatami.
With Elders⇒ We’ll suggest Double Bed Room for first, because the bed is high enough to easily get off, and it’s in the 2nd floor.

1 Adult and 1 Child:
We suggest Tatami Twin Room, which you don’t need to worry about safety. Double Bed Room is not suitable for guests with kids, since the bed is higher than normal.

3 Adults / 2 Adults, 1 child / 1 Adult, 2 children

3 Adults:
Choose Tatami Twin Room +extra bed. Or you can also go with Family Room with Slide if you love childlike deco, the price would be the same.
If you want more spacious room, there’s 3 Quadruple Rooms to consider. Might be some discounts for only 3 ppl depends on different season.

2 Adults, 1 child:
According to the child’s age,
with a baby, we suggest Tatami Twin Room for safety issue.
with child from 3~7 yrs old, you can choose Family Room with SlideGiving Tree or Blue Bird. Both equipped with a slide, children books, toys, and a handmade, very solid bunk bed. The lower bunk bed is customized to ground level so you don’t need to worried your kid to fall down.
with child older than 7 yrs old, consider Family Room Large. The room is more spacious and equipped with a handmade boat and a bunk bed with stairs. The lower bunk bed is not on the ground so it’s more suitable for older child.

1 Adult, 2 children:
Advice would be the same with above according to children’s age.
Besides, you can choose Tatami Twin Room +extra kid or Quadruple Room – Zen Style considering safety issue. Might be some discounts for only 3 ppl depends on different season.

4 Adults / 2 Adults, 2 kids / 3 Adults, 1 kid

4 Adults:
There’s 3 Quadruple Rooms to choose, Beach Painting, Zen Style, and Summer Light. All of them are the same price and space, but in different way of decoration.
Also, if you’re interested in bunk bed, Triple Room Large +extra bed is also considerable.

2 Adults, 2 Children:
If you have babies under 3 yrs old, consider Tatami Twin Room for safety issue. We suggest you have at least 1 extra bed(depends on children’s age), that would be comfortable to sleep.
If your kids are 3~7 yrs old, you can choose Family Room with Slide Giving Tree or Blue Bird. Both are equipped with a slide, books, toys and a bunk bed. The lower bunk bed is customized to ground level so you don’t need to worried your kid to fall down. The upper bunk bed is for making extra bed.

Want a Bigger Room?
Quadruple Room – Zen Style is the first choice regarding safety issue.
Quadruple Room – Summer Light also equips a slide, and there’s one side of the bed against wall, suitable for kids to sleep.
Triple Room Large is made for elder child, for climbing up and down the bunk bed, and having fun in the boat.

3 Adults, 1 kid:
If you’re with both elders and kids, choose Quadruple Room – Zen Style or Quadruple Room – Summer Light.

5 Adults / 2 Adults, 3 Kids / 3 Adults, 2 kids

5 Adults:
Quadruple Room +extra bed. Each of Beach Painting, Zen Style, and Summer Light can make extra bed.

2 Adults, 3 Children:
Regarding safety issue, you can choose Quadruple Room – Summer Light or Zen Style. In Summer Light, there’s one side of bed against wall, suitable for kids to sleep, and also equipped with a slide. In Zen Style there’s 2 queen bed on the wooden floor.
For having more fun in the room, choose Triple Room Large. There’s a very solid bunk bed with stairs, and a handmade boat to play.
The (4th and)5th person would be counting as the youngest. Age under 10 takes NTD$400 for extra bed, or NTD$100 for extra person(no bed), both price include breakfast.

3 Adults, 2 Children:
If you’re with both elders and kids, we suggest you Quadruple Room – Summer Light for safety regards and convenient for the elders. Triple Room Large is also a clever choice since the bunk bed is slightly harder and much suitable for elders to sleep. (Yet please consider this room is in 3rd floor)

None of the above

If you got huge members on road, please reach us directly to discuss the most suitable arrangement for you.

Reach us on:
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?First, tell us:
1. How many rooms do you need
2.How many ppl in each room (ex. 2 Adults&3 kid for 1 room,  1 couple for 1 room…, etc.)


*NOTE:Extra Bed/Person Policy

  • With children under 10 yrs old, parents can whether to make extra bed. If not, it takes NTD$100 as extra person(only for children under 10), includes breakfast.
  • Extra bed for kids NTD$400, extra bed for adults NTD$600, includes breakfast and supplies. (Price might be different during Chinese New Year holiday.)
  • More supplies such as quilt, pillow or towels might charge for extra cleaning fee.

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